Découvertes du diagnostic agronomique dans une serre

First year of Master (M1, Semesters 7 & 8) - Master of Science 1

International Master “Agronomy and Agrifood Science” (Master 3A)

1st year of the master's programme (M1)

Update : 06/07/2021

The first year of the "Agronomy and Agrifood Sciences" master's degree has three highlights: a choice between 2 majors in the first semester (S7), a choice of between 6 specializations in the second semester (S8), and an individual professional internship that closes the academic year.

What type of training ?
une formation diplômante, sous statut étudiant

For who ?
étudiant titulaire d'un diplôme français, étudiant international, Professional

Where ?
Montpellier SupAgro
Institut des régions chaudes (IRC)

Semester 7 – majors

During this semester, the choice between two majors allows students to acquire scientific and technical foundations in line with their future M2 specialization. By the end of this semester, students will have acquired:

  • Scientific and technological knowledge specific to a large thematic area corresponding to their chosen professional field (agricultural production or natural resources management)
  • The capacity to use knowledge within the framework of a project approach to respond to their first outside professional assignment
  • Knowledge and perspective needed to choose an Semester 8 (S8) specialization in view of fulfilling the necessary prerequisites to enter that specialization in the second year of the programme (M2)
  • Ability to communicate easily in French and English (written and spoken).

Two majors to choose from

Study of agro-oasis systems, Southeast Morocco

Major 1

Towards sustainable agriculture

Maraîchage bio et vaches allaitantes dans le Finistère

Major 3

Sustainable management of natural resources

Semester 8 broadening perspectives and focusing - specializations

This customization period allows students to tailor their curriculum according to their motivations and career plans, either to deepen their knowledge of a specific field, or to obtain new knowledge to be competent in two fields.

The first year of the master’s programme (M1) ends with a 2 to 3-month individual internship. Conducted in a research laboratory, field or company chosen by the student, it is an opportunity to discover a professional environment, an activity sector or a profession.  It enables students to:

  • Take ownership of a mission, respond to a demand, achieve objectives
  • Become integrated into a project or team and develop their skills to adapt to a new environment (often international and multicultural)
  • Mobilize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the first year of the programme.

The M1 internship can also be a way to improve foreign language skills, particularly in English or Spanish.

Five specializations to choose from

Développement agricole et agroalimentaire au Sud


Agricultural and Food Systems in Southern Countries

• Prepare for the development professions in countries of the “South”, in agriculture and in the agrifood industry.




• Understand the diverse approaches to agroecology
• Know the processes on which it is based
• Build/support the agroecological transition

Data manager for Environmental Projects


Data manager for Environmental Projects

• Understand issues, needs
• Know the techniques used and implement them in concrete cases
• Identify the actors in the field and their activities
• Develop a global vision of environmental data management

Plant Sciences


Plant Sciences

• Deepen knowledge/skills in the field of plant sciences
• Experiment with new ways of learning
• Know the potential of Montpellier's scientific community
• Work in an applied biology profession within the agricultural sector

Territoires et Entreprises dans le Développement durable


Transitions: comprehend and act

• Analyze the transitions toward sustainable agri‐food systems from the perspective of social sciences at several scales.

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  • Complete programme (M1 + M2): €10,500 for the two years (M1: €5,500 and M2: €5,000) + €92 Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) administrative fee
  • Direct admission in the 2nd year (M2): €5,700 + €92 Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) administrative fee

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