Département Milieux, productions, ressources et systèmes

Department of Environment, Production, Resources and Systems

A continuum of training, research, innovation

Update : 03/22/2021

The core competence of the Department of Environment, Production, Resources and Systems lies in the engineering of complex systems associated with livestock production, crop production, and land and water management in territories shaped by agriculture (cultivated and farmed).

The teaching and research activities of the department are developed along the agro-ecological transition axis.

The main disciplinary fields of the department are animal behaviour, animal production, pastoralism, agroecology, plant nutrition, crop production, soil sciences, and hydrology. These scientific fields contribute to the analysis and design of livestock, crop, and agricultural production systems.


Training programme

Students can pursue a range of degrees offered by the department (Vocational B.Sc., Master, Engineering, PhD) focussing on the following 3 themes:

  • Livestock farming systems: Design - Studies, consultancy - Space management – Animation / sectors: Agri-supply – livestock industries
  • Soil, water, environment: Environmental assessments - Engineering, Studies, R & D – Animation / sectors: Water treatment - Irrigated systems - Agriculture, environment
  • Agro-ecological engineering in farming systems: Purchasing - Distribution - Studies, consultancy - R&D / sectors: Agro-industry - Agri-food - Plant production - Rural and peri-urban development.

Each year, 50 students are trained within this framework.

Teachers in the department are involved in the Agricultural Management of Rural Natural Areas/Gestion agricole des espaces naturels ruraux (GENA) BSc. degree programme and in the options available in the 3rd year (M2) of the engineering programmes:

They also contribute to courses offered in the second year (M2) of the Master “Agronomy and Agrifood Science” (Master 3A) programme: Livestock farming systems, AgroDesign and Soil.



The department’s research activities are carried out within six joint research units (UMR) involving INRA, CIRAD and IRD: SELMET, LISAH, Eco&Sols, ABsys, LSTM, Innovation

Innovations and partners

The targeted nature of our teaching and research is developed by constantly tackling questions posed by public and private professional partners. Students and engineers of the department address these questions through the internship, training and R&D programmes.

The department is engaged in the AgroSYS chair, the first chair focused on sustainable agrosystem engineering.


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