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Agri-Culture Summer School

Discover French Language, Culture & Agriculture (2018 Edition)

Update : 03/11/2019

The Agri-Culture Summer School is an intensive two-month programme combining French language courses with tools for understanding the variety of natural environments and agricultural/land use systems in the Mediterranean South of France.

 A unique experience:

  • from 2 July to 24 August 2018, in Montpellier, a university town with a prestigious historical past, the economic and cultural capital of Languedoc,
  • from 21 to 28 July, in the wine-growing region of St Chinian and in the Hauts Cantons du Languedoc, around the medieval rural city of Roquebrun
  • from 28 July to 18 August, on a farm in the south of France, between the plain of Lauragais in the West, the Provence hills and plateaus in the East, and the Massif Central in the North,


Enable international students to pursue a French Engineering, Masters or PhD programme under optimal conditions by familiarising to the common forms of land use and agriculture in the South of France, and by strengthening their oral and written French language skills, essential for the successful completion of course work.

Facilitate the integration of international students into daily life in France and at school through exerted capacities to analyse the diversity of environmental conditions for agriculture.

Offer international students the opportunity to better understand French agriculture through a 3-weeks tutored internship in a family farm.

Module French Language...

From 2nd to 21st July, 2018- French language for agricultural development

An intensive French language course with a focus on agriculture (80 class hours, cultural activities). A placement test taken on arrival identifies the most appropriate group for each participant based on his or her language level.

The classes (maximum of 12 students per class) take place on Montpellier SupAgro La Gaillarde Campus or Lavalette Campus from Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). The lessons include oral and written comprehension and production, grammar and vocabulary as well as activities like discovering the Agropolis research facilities, cooking workshops, cheese and wine tasting, etc.

Cultural activities include guided visits of Montpellier and vicinities: Pont du gard, cinema etc.

Module "Discovering..."

From 21st July till 18 August, 2018 - Discovering and analysing family farming

One week long preparation on the field

For this module, Agri-cultures moves for one week to Roquebrun, in the Higher Languedoc regional Park, two hours’ drive from Montpellier. This region of small Mediterranean mountains is particularly interesting to discover the high diversity of environmental conditions. There are several forms of agriculture or, more widely, the land use: vineyards on the shales of St Chinian or the clay-limestone plain of Béziers, polyculture, fruit-growing and horticulture on the alluvial terraces of the River Orb, small mountains dairy systems on Espinousse Mountains, Natural Reserve and wildlife on the granites of Mount Caroux...

By alternating field visits and classroom sessions, the module exercises students to understanding agricultural systems, identifying regional development issues, and analyzing rural policies and institutions. The combined use of French and English as languages of exchange allows everyone to participate in the interviews and debates, while becoming more and more familiar with the use of French in professional exchanges. Finally, an on-farm assessment guide is prepared by the group, in view of the internship that follows.

AgriCultures 2017 - stage dans une exploitation agricole familiale

 Three weeks on farm internship

Students are placed in a family farm. The choice is proposed to them as early as the module's preparation phase, in a vast region ranging from the plain of Lauragais to the West, Provence to the East and the range of the Massif Central to the North. The trainees share the life of the family and the work of the farm. They are introduced to the various agricultural tasks and assess the farming system that they present after they return to Montpellier SupAgro.

Accomodation and dining

Les Hameaux: 334 occupancies (15 accessible occupancies)

From 2nd July to 21 July, 2018

Module French language for agricultural development

The Module will be delivered either on the main campus of Montpellier. You can be accommodated in the Montpellier SupAgro students residence located 3 minutes walk from the campus..

In the registration file, you will find the references of these two residences for more information.

Hébergement Roquebrun

From 21st July till 18 August, 2018

Module Discovering and analysing family farming

 During the week in Roquebrun, the students are accommodated in collective accommodations of 5 people, allowing to prepare meals. Accommodation costs are covered by Montpellier SupAgro, as well as a few meals, but most of these are to be borne by the students.

Finally, during the internship in the family farm, the students are accommodated and fed on the farm.


Option #1

Full programme (French language for agricultural development & Discovering and Analysing Family Farming): €1000

• Intensive French course in July (80 class hours)
• Visits and meetings with agricultural professionals
• Social and cultural activities
• 3-week internship

Option #2

French language for agricultural development only: €700

• Intensive French course in July (80 class hours)
• Visits and meetings with agricultural professionals
• Social and cultural activities

Option #3

Discovering and analysing family farming: €500

• 1 week of preparation for the internship
• 3-week internship
• Debriefing session

Not included

• Accommodation and meals in Montpellier for July (a budget of around €100 per week)
• Meals in Roquebrun for the preparation week
• Other (insurance, transport)

How to apply...

 Registration deadline: 15 June 2018

  1. Download and complete the application form
  2. Admission will be processed only after final validation by the study committee.

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