Data science pour l'agronomie et l'agroalimentaire

Environmental Data Processing and Analysis

28 February - 25 March 2022 - Teaching Unit #2

Update : 06/09/2021


To propose a set of methods and tools to study complex data (georeferencing, temporal data and so on) in order to predict a variable of interest or identify consistent sub-sets and to represent these results in the form of maps and charts.

  • Reference of the course: Data Manager for environmental projects UE2 - Level: 400
  • Admission
    - Europe - 3d year of Bachelor’s degree/ 1st year of Master’s degree
    - USA - Bachelor Junior students/ Bachelor senior students
  • Teaching language: English (B1 level)
  • Organization and credits: The course is a full time 4-week-long course. Successful completion of this course brings 7 ECTS credits
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge in: Statistics (sampling, estimation, principle of statistical tests), Databases (tables and simple SQL queries) and statistical free software R.
  • Grades: Grades are based on evaluation of individual participation to classes and a group project.
  • Course content

    The course will combine lectures-seminars, tutorials, interviews and on-site visits and project-based learning.

    Disciplinary Content Nb of hours
    Applications : project (tutorials with R, QGIS) and advanced level in R 8
    Distributed spatial data extraction and management, Databases, Big data, Semantic Networks 20
    Statistics (Spatial autocorrelation and regression) 18
    Variogram – Kriging 5
    Geomatics 6
  • Books and other reading materials

    No books have been ordered for this course. All required readings are available as downloads from the Montpellier SupAgro teaching platform. There is no formal reading packet for this course.

  • Partnerships

    Research Units: UMR MISTEA (L'institut Agro | Montpellier SupAgro & INRAE) and UMR ITAP (L'institut Agro | Montpellier SupAgro & INRAE)


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