Undergraduate Polytech FLOW Summer School program

FLOW — Undergraduate Engineering Summer School

May 25th to June 11th

Update : 04/26/2021


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The undergraduate Polytech FLOW Summer School program is dedicated to the study of Grand Industrial Challenges in France. This Summer School is organized in partnership with L'institut Agro | Montpellier SupAgro and the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier (National School of Chemistry Montpellier) and supported by I-Site MUSE. The 2021 edition will be online.

Polytech FLOW 2021 will gather international students for a 3-week Summer School program from May 25th to June 11st, 2021.

FLOW — The Grand Industrial Challenges in France

  • Food, Living Organisms and Water (FLOW) – The FLOW acronym originally refers to the science and technology of water, milk, beer and wine. These items will be the subject of dedicated courses.
  • Energy and Sustainable Materials – These courses will cover nuclear energy and renewable energy, as well as the science and technology of the materials involved in the production and storage of those energies.
  •  Data and Information Processing - These courses will focus on the transformation of measurents from our environment to signal and then to data.

Who can apply ?

Undergraduate students with a major in Engineering who have completed their first or second year of study and plan to major in one of the three topics of FLOW.


All program activities will take place exclusively online.

Students will receive 15 hours/week of taught-in-english scientific and technological courses (lectures and practical), as well as 15 hours of Cross-disciplinary project on sustainability and 15 hours of French courses and virtual intercultural program.

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